The 24 Hour Guide to Motivating your Sales Team

Motivating your sales team effectively is one of the most important elements in sustained sales success. A challenge for 65% of B2B organisations is struggling to maintain sales productivity. Given that highly motivated employees can improve profits by up to 19.2%, effective motivation should be a top priority.

However, monetary motivation can only provide a certain level of incentive – and team leaders need to look to creatively enthuse their team of dynamic and different personalities.

To help with this challenging obligation, we’ve put together The 24 Hour Guide To Motivating Your Sales Team to lead you through the most effective ways to inspire your team.

Click here to download the guide and find out how to:

  • Recognise and motivate different personality types
  • Utilise intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to boost performance
  • See how gamification has transformed global sales teams at SAP, Comcast and Paypal

Even with the perfect motivating structures in place, no one – however focused – can be 100% motivated every day. Sales teams that use short bursts of competition and rewards find their employees are up to 12% more productive. So we have developed a solution to further boost your sales team at the start of this quarter: the Upstream Power 24 Hour.

The Power 24 Hour allows you to have complete and unlimited access to Upstream, our data prospecting tool, for 24 hours. With unlimited access to contact information, insight and exclusive insights on 50,000 decision makers, your team can spend their time doing what they do best for a day of effective prospecting. To help encourage the competitive spirit we’re offering prizes for the top sales performers, along with treats throughout the day.

As you look towards the start of Q4, the Power 24 Hour is a great way to move closer to those end of year targets and push your team over the line. If you’d like to participate, please get in touch with us at